"Patty Jo has always loved a good story, but especially a true one"


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Awards / Recognition

Perched on her father’s knee, sneaking sips of coffee as grownups talked, Patty Jo learned the arts of listening and storytelling.

A burst of laughter, a hushed pause, a sharp denial—all became telltales of the “real” story. Next she learned the art of writing—identifying, isolating, and framing the message. Surprisingly, she found this to be even more fascinating than collecting the raw story.

You can look at her awards or read her testimonials—but that is not what inspires Patty Jo to keep listening, speaking, and writing. True stories change lives. They change the lives of the readers, the one sharing the story, and even the writer.

“You helped me see myself in a whole new way.’ ‘You gave me the words to tell my story.’ ‘Now people can see who I am.’ That is my reward,’” confided Patty Jo, “giving people back their lives in a way that will reward them beyond their lifetimes.”

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